Transfusions Benefits

Patient Transfusion Safety

  • Integrated Electronic Cross Match

  • Bedside Transfusion Check.

  • Support for Patient Wristband and RFID Identification.

  • Seamless Integration with Hospital Systems.


  • Full Software Configurability allowing support for local Regulations and Guidelines.

  • Hardware, OS, Peripherals and Database Independent.

  • User Credentials compatible with all LDAP systems.

  • Communicability (Instrument Interfacing, HL7 support, Mobile App,...).


  • Full Audit Trail at all steps.

  • ISBT 128 Full Compliance.

  • Statistics, Reporting and KPI Dashboards.

  • Security and Access Rights based on User Credentials.

Cost Efficiency

  • Full Web-based Module (User only needs a browser).

  • Minimized User Training.

  • Low Cost of Ownership.

  • Hosted or Cloud-based.